The small-dotted girl

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The small-dotted girl

The book that teaches children to accept DIFFERENCE

de: Maria do Rosário Poças


This book is based on a true story. Mariana is just like any other girl. She likes princesses and dolls. Although she is only five, she finds out she has a skin disease known as vitiligo. Her body starts getting little white dots which grow into large white patches.

Mariana gets bullied. The grown-up kids start telling her she will turn into a cow. The little girl suffers in silence, turns away from everyone else and cries alone.

Her grandmother begins an awareness work in order to teach the children in her school to accept the difference. With Vitoria, a doll with unique features, and another one very much alike a talented and well-known singer who suffers from the same disease, the grandmother takes the children on a journey towards accepting difference.

Mariana sends a message to all the children reading this book: “I don’t care having these little dots anymore. The cheetah has dots just like me, and that’s my favourite animal!”


Informação adicional do produto

ISBN 9789898711427
Chancela editorial Edições Berbequim das Letras ®
Data de publicação 11/12/2020
Idioma Inglês / English
Formato (fechado) 150 x 230 mm
Tipo de encadernação Capa mole (brochado)
N.º de páginas 52
Tradução / Retroversão Edward Sá Carneiro Legge-Bourke
Ilustrações Eva Mina Fernandes
Grafismo da capa Ângela Espinha
Paginação gráfica Paulo Resende

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